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7/30/14: Welcome to the New Website!
Welcome to the new, the hub for several webcomics and various projects. Feel free to take a look around and introduce yourself on our forums

7/17/14: My god, has it been so long?
So, if you're seeing this message, then the site has been successfully transferred to the new host! Yay :) has been rather neglected, but that looks like it's going to change. Look for updates in the near future regarding new webcomics to be hosted here!

1/11/06: Yark!
My attempt to get a new domain for my comic is hitting a little snag! It would appear the domain has been routed in the wrong direction, as I am now pointing at some weird page that is ALMOST spelled like mine (will be Hang in there as I get this fixed!

1/6/06: Uber Star Wars Episode II!
Well, it's ready to go! Episode II: Rise of the Empire is now online! See the main Uber Star Wars page for more info.

9/30/05: Uber Star Wars!
And so I finally post up the first part of my big writing project, Uber Star Wars, also known as "The Fans Strike Back." These will be three scripts that essentially rewrite the prequel movies, which I have long felt failed to meet expectations. Basically a mostly for fun project, but if ol' George Lucas happens to read this... c'mon man, think of how much more money you could make! Woo!
Anyways, Phantom Menace is completed, Clone Wars is currently in progress and Revenge of the Sith will be after that. Check out the Main Page for details and the teaser trailer!

7/8/05: Colorado Technicals Football!!!!
This has actually been up for quite awhile now (I made it for a class), but now there's a link! It's a little hard to explain exactly what this is...
Basically, I attend a technical college, with y'know, computers. For a web design class, we were directed to create a web site for Colorado Tech's football team. Since a good many of the students there might snap in half in a real football game, this creation is the result.

4/28/05: Web Comic!
That little link over on the left there goes to my new Web Comic, nicely posted up on Keenspace's servers. Decided to put it there for reasons of conserving precious storage space...
Anyway, I hope it's as entertaining as I want it to be. My drawing "skillz" aren't so bad, I suppose, but time will tell.

This is old news... (in retrospect, I should have put a date...)
If possible, this part of the site is even more under construction than the main Techno Guy Computers pages. You can browse around and check out some o' my stuff, though, namely my coolerific sword fighting pics and the downloads for the Twin Worlds Neverwinter Nights module.

The Twin Worlds module was developed out of a three-part novel trilogy thing I'm writing. The grammar in it is as good as that last sentence. No, but really, I may post chapter segments up on this site at some point if I feel like it. So keep an eye out!

Also, I may be putting a web comic up here eventually. We'll see if I can actually get it put together, but I do have a basic storyline and a few pages drawn. The plot is based on an old 2nd Edition AD&D Planescape adventure my friends and I played in way back. E-Mail me about so I'll be bugged enough to do more work ;)