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Postby Admin » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:31 am

Rules, as of now.

>Be civilized
Please try to keep the site's content overall 'appropriate'.(Basically try to keep it under PG-13) saying something minor that slips past the filters, or accidentally link to something inappropriate is not going to get you in trouble, but keep in mind that this forum is intended to be "sophisticated", so to speak. If something you link to does indeed contain something mildly offensive, please give a warning before doing so. Anything that would generally be given a "PG-13" rating, or above (Anything at or above 17+ in rating systems based off) will be removed. This is somewhat loose when it comes to violence, but please know your limit.

>In regards to debates/and arguments
If you know something will cause an argument, then simply put, refrain from posting it. Unless it's something you think will be really funny to the majority of the memberbase.

>Religious topics
Although we have no problem with people stating their religion, having signatures such as "Jesus loves you", etc., please do not post religious topics. This is not anti-religious, but is meant to prevent people's religions from being "bashed" so to speak. I try to keep this somewhat un-strict to assure religious freedom here. Holidays, such as Christmas, however are allowed their own topics.

>Spamming/ commercial advertising
Do not come here for the purpose of selling people things, or 'offering' 'free' stuff. Just don't. As well, any stupid, pointless, or annoying messages will be deleted. And don't think you'll get away with a warning, we will delete your account and IP ban immediately if something like this does occur.

>Rules for links to other sites
Do not come here to advertise your forum. Advertising such will be allowed in the Random Other Stuff category, even so, don't come here simply to advertise such places. Please. Also refrain from posting links to highly objectionable content; as such links will be removed. But really, feel free to advertise your stuff, just make sure you do more than just that.

>Please speak English
Please understand that this website for English speaking audiences. If you have a bit of trouble with the language and/or it is not your native language, that's fine. However, try to speak the English language well enough so we can understand you. There are no rules against speaking certain dialects, just try not to use words people outside your dialect don't know. Also refrain use any sort of 1334 speak/noob speak or the sort, it gets annoying really, but every now and then as a joke is okay.

>No illegal activity, distribution, etc.
Please avoid doing anything illegal, if it's against the law in the US, well the topic and you might just dissapear... But really just don't.

>Personal information.
It is recommended, for your protection that you not give out any of your personal information. By personal information we mean address, or your social security number, or other similar stuff. Your name, photos, and the general area you live in are A Okay.

We will accept sincere apologies for all but the highest offenses. Don't bother asking to be let back on if all you're going to do is spam the place up again. Even if you are forgiven, you're going to be kept under surveillance for a while, and if it was bad enough, the length of your membership.

Additionally, anyone caught trying to hack or purposely cause any sort of trouble of the sort will be reported to authorities.
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