News from the Coach

Spring 2005

Ah, when is it possibly a better time to try out for Colorado Tech's very own semi-college football team? How about right now! Try-outs and tickets are both up for grabs! Please? OK, OK, I really shouldn't be saying this, but our budget comes from the change people drop under the snack machines. So, drop those nickels and dimes! And even pennies help!

Winter 2004-2005

And thus ends another successful season. Only three players permanently maimed! Also, we set a new record for referee complaints and points scored for the opposing team. See you all next season! But remember: the fun never stops on our website!

Fall 2004

With a new season starting, we haven't any time to lose. All two of our cheerleaders are ready and raring to get going and keep our players mentally fit. As far as conditioning goes, our stalwart group are already benching upwards of 30 pounds in the CTU weight room, so things are looking good.

  Copyright 2005 by Travers Jordan