Other Stuff!

So, there's not as much on this page at the moment as I thought there might be when I made a button for it. I've taken down the Neverwinter Nights modules (which consisted mostly of the first adult dungeon of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) for the time being (since the files took up over 300 MB of web space and I'm thinking Neverwinter Nights 1 may not be QUITE as popular as it once was), but if anyone wants them, let me know!

Colorado Technicals Football!
This goofy thing was a project I did for a college class. It was a computery technical school, so football wasn't exactly a program at all. Thus, the envisioning of the football team a school of nerds would field.

Sword' Fightin'!
This is me sword fighting. I'm the guy not wearing the mask. It is incredibly important this this stay on the site. For some reason. (And thanks to Dad for taking these shots in the first place)