Uber Star Wars:
The Fans Strike Back


Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Episode II: Rise of the Empire
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


Uber Star Wars: The Fans Strike Back

Episode II is complete! The final title ended up being "Rise of the Empire," for reasons you'll probably see while reading it. The working title had been Clone Wars, but the majority of the actual Clone War will probably appear in Episode III instead.

View with wonder, dear reader, the flash movie I made. Or something like that, but I like the way that sentence sounded. Anyways, since the idea was born on a camping trip over the summer, I've been working diligently* to bring the Star Wars remakes to life. A few of the changes you will see in the scripts (note: some spoilers follow below):

  • Anakin's age progression: Anakin is now 14 at the start of Phantom Menace, thus obliterating the annoying 10 year old we all hate to remember. As such, he plays a much larger active role from the beginning as he is already beginning to exhibit signs of Force power.
  • No midichlorians! There, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Speaking of Anakin, he is no longer some kind of bizarre virgin birth thing. He has a father. A very interesting father...
  • No gungans! No Jar Jar! Happy days!
  • Padme has been slightly reduced in age and rank. She is no longer elected Queen of Naboo (a post that still confused me) and is now also about 14, making her the same age as Anakin. She is an assistant to the Queen of Naboo (who isn't elected)
  • The Trade Federation is no longer a bizarre assortment of ugly guys blockading planets for no apparent reason. They now play a VERY important role that I'm sure most will recognize shortly after their introduction.
  • Jango Fett isn't included. Sorry Bobba Fett lovers, but I just can't justify using him.
  • Clones take on a much more sinister role, as do the droid forces. They're no longer cutesey "Roger Roger" robots, now they're SCARY.
  • General Grievous lives up to the form he was in during the cartoon Clone Wars saga (which, btw, does not fit into these movies canon, but has been mined of a few ideas)
  • Count Dooku has a lot more to do. As does Palpatine...
  • Anakin's descent to the Dark Side will be different... much different.
*diligently: some of the time, y'know, like now and then.

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